Ekaterina Ballerina-What Is She Up To Now?

Persian Dancers Are Choosy About Fit

In one of my earlier posts dated August of 2010, the very young  Ekaterina the ballerina was experimenting with  different brands of pointe shoes. Just like any other pointe student, she had to try a lot of different models to find the purrr-fect pair. You can see a photo of her first fitting here; Ekaterina Tries Freeds of London.

Ekaterina Newell

Backstage During Intermission

Like many ballet dancers, she is also choosy about her appearance on stage. As you can see in this photo, Ekaterina knows she looks fabulous in her custom-made tutu.  How does Ekaterina ballerina keep up with the physical demands of ballet? From what I understand, plenty of catnapping in between performances and rehearsals.

What brand is Ekaterina wearing now? I think she is now wearing Russian Pointe miniatures in white satin.  The shanks are soft and flexible so she can jump from one pillow to the next with ease.

Tutu made by Ekaterina’s mum in England : owner/ head designer of Costume Creations UK.

4 responses to “Ekaterina Ballerina-What Is She Up To Now?

  1. How cute~ ❤

  2. Yes Ekaterina loves Russian Pointe – they are light and flexible for her paws xxx

  3. She is so cute! You know, for some reason I always associated cats and ballet in my mind…maybe because they’re so light on their feet?

  4. They do have a certain graceful quality to their movements. From what I understand, Ekaterina has started her own blog@
    http://ekaterina-ballerina.blogspot.com/ to keep us posted on her ballet adventures.

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