La Pointe-The Latest Addition To The Wear Moi Collection

Wear Moi La Pointe

Wear Moi La Pointe

When it comes to the brand name Wear Moi, must of us are already familiar with the various beautiful dance garments and accessories they sell. The Wear Moi name means good-quality leotards, tights and ballet slippers. Now they  have their very own pointe shoe model called , very simply, La Pointe. At this time, I was unable to find up-close and detailed images of this shoe.

The Design Features Of The La Pointe Shoe

Wear Moi has an interesting way of designing how their models are made and fitted. They base the length of the vamps on how strong the shank is. If the shoe comes with a soft to medium shank strength, the shoe is given a regular vamp. If the shank is hard or extra hard, the vamp will be longer. Interesting, isn’t it?

La Pointes also come with a selection of platform sizes and profiles to fit each individual foot. They can be ordered with v-cut vamps or with u-cut vamps. Either way you look at them, they are very pretty and very French, oui?

My Visit To The Wear Moi La Pointe Website

Heading over to the Wear Moi website to check out the La Pointe model was a thrill for me. The website is fresh and modern-looking. Readers can enjoy a wonderful video and check out the latest in ballet photography in the gallery section.

La Pointe by Wear Moi has gorgeous aesthetics and a very smooth, flattering shape. To find out more about these pretty French pointe shoes, visit their official website,, which comes in both French and English for readers. Viva la France!

*Many thanks to the reader who  alerted me to this new shoe model*

5 responses to “La Pointe-The Latest Addition To The Wear Moi Collection

  1. I have been fitting this shoe on our dancers in Oregon. Such an amazing shoe and an amazing brand all together. La Pointe is built with the finest materials and it shows, every girl that has used this show has loved how the shoes broken in. The glue that they use in the toe box is pretty flexible and I compare it to Grishko Miracle. It is a perfectly balanced shoe and the variety of shanks is amazing.
    Over all it’s our number one selling pointe show now.

  2. Love the very slow transition to en pointe towards the end of the video. showcases how the foot works & shoe very well!

  3. I love and wear wearmoi leotard and some other items for years but when I saw the La Point point shoes from wearmoi, I was very disappointed. The quality is poor and rough, yet, the price is way too high. There are many ballet point shoes brands in France (made in France as well). Maybe wearmoi should consider improving its quality and consistency of QC with speed. Nevertheless, the idea and the media packaging is good.

  4. I love my Wear Moi pointe shoes. They see so amazing! they fit so well. I have tried so many shoes, and loved my Rubin from Russian pointe until they started breaking every class I wear them. Wear Moi shoes last, and fit really well. I can finally do 4 pirouettes on them… Thank you Wear Moi!

  5. Wear Moi Pointe shoes are amazing! They fit me so well, and they last a long time. I can finally turn well and ballance too.
    I just wish my local store in NY would carry them.

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