The DanceField Model-Sleek Pointes From Mexico

Are there more Mexican pointe shoe brands other than Miguelito and DeVarona? Yes, there are. Thanks to a link provided by a reader, I can now share another interesting brand from the sunny country of Mexico. Specifically, from Guadalajara, Mexico.

The DanceField Company Of Guadalajara, Mexico

Checking out the company history, it appears that DanceField has been providing dance products for over 20 years to students and professionals in many genres of dance in the Guadalajara area. They have been in business since 1989 and have distributors of their quality products all over the country of Mexico.

The DanceField Pointe Shoe Model-Slim And Sleek Aesthetics

Checking out the website of this particular company, one can see that they sell shoes from other manufacturers like Capezio, Gaynor Minden and Bloch. However, they offer their very own model as well, shown below.

DanceField Pointe Shoes
DanceField Pointe Shoe from Mexico

Vamps And Ribbons And Platforms, Oh My!

Is it me, or do those vamps seem to go and on and on? Sometimes photography does not do justice to the appearance of toe boxes and vamps, but these look like very long vamps and with a super-flat profile.

The ribbons are wide. The platforms appear small and tapered. Perhaps this shoe is for advanced dancers who have achieved maximum strength on pointe. It is certainly a shoe designed for  a specialized  and smaller group of specific foot issues like long, tapered  toes and narrow feet.

It is always exciting to check out a new brand.  Have a visit to the DanceField official website, Another curious thing about this company is the fact that their website language is totally in Mexican (Spanish) , but their company name is 100% English. Interesting!



  1. Hello, i enjoy reading this page. I was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge,Paris over 20 years ago, but now i have a hobby of collecting pointe shoe brands from all over the world. At the moment i have over 60 pairs of pointe shoes,and 27 separate brands. I have many styles of the same brand,E.G.Bloch Suprima,Aspiration,Axis TMT,etc. My ambition is to have every brand of pointe shoe, and every individual style of each brand.! My hobby costs me a lot of money, as many of the pointe shoes have to be bought from overseas, and the cost of importing them is often more than the cost of the actual pointe shoes.! For instance,my Baryshnikov`s were imported from a small dance store in the US.The shoes were quite cheap, but the import tax cost 40 US dollars.! At the moment i am waiting to hear from a company in South Africa who i want to buy a pair of Teplov`s from. They will contact me when they have found out the cost of postage to the UK. I know the postage is going to cost more than the price of the actual shoes,because this is often the case. However, once i have the shoes [just to collect, NOT to dance in], i will have them to keep forever.Or at least to pass them on to my teenage son to sell one day and make some money back when i`m no longer around.! These are the brands i currently have :Freed,Bloch[every type],Sansha, Gamba, Porselli, Grishko, Gaynor Minden, Leo`s, Capezio, Chacott, Fuzi, So Danca/Cecilia Kerche, Baryshnikov, Russian Pointe, Capulet, Prima Soft, Cameo, Repetto, Merlet, Schachtner, Suffolk, Inspire, Turning Pointe, Aloart, Domyos ,Triunfo ,Blanchet ,Dansgirl.. I`ve still got a long way to go,though.!

    • Wow, your collection sounds amazing. It is always a pleasure to meet another pointe shoe collector! I am impressed with how many brands and models you have. Do you house them in a special place? You mentioned owning a pair of Blanchets. They are one of the models that I have listed under mystery shoes. I would love to know more about your Blanchets.

      • Hello,About the Blanchets. I went on to Italy`s Ebay site, and there was someone selling both Blanchets and Triunfo`s. He quite clearly stated they were not for export outside of Italy [which was why he was only selling them on Ebay Italy, not worldwide].However, i contacted him and said,literally, Please,Please,Please, will you sell me one pair each of those two brands of pointe shoes. I didn`t care what size they were, as i wouldn`t be dancing in them anyway.Provided they were in clean, unused condition, i will pay anything he asks. I wasn`t expecting a reply,but very kindly, he offered to sell me both pairs for a total of 50 Euros, and only 7 Euros extra shipping costs. Oh,Sorry, I`ve just found the shoes in question and they are called Blanscet. ! They are canvas, which i didn`t know until they arrived. I`ll see if i can send you photos of them. [But i`m not very good with technology!] I store them all in a large storage box in the dining room. I like to keep every pair wrapped in their original bag ,if possible, or some sort of pointe shoe bag to keep them clean. As i said, they are all brand new, and i might want to sell them on one day and recuperate some of this money.! Will try and sort out the Blanscet photo. Take care, Lisa.

  2. Congratulations for your blog! I’ve just discover it. Just one thing about this comment:
    “Another curious thing about this company is the fact that their website language is totally in Mexican, but their company name is 100% English. Interesting!”
    The language you are talking about it’s Spanish.

  3. Well! I really don’t have an explanation as to why the brand is in english. Ok maybe I do, English words are kind of “fashionable” here you know? Like some people think English offers you some kind of status, dont know.
    But I could give you a review of the shoes 😉 many mexican girls prefer the “international” brands rather than the mexican ones. I’ve heard my teacher say that it’s because the national brands, even though they are cheaper, haven’t still hit the point where their design in general competes with the other brands.
    For me, they were way too narrow (when I tried them) and not as “hard” as i’m used. But thats because i’ve got wide feet, I guess ( I use an XXXX grishko box). Also, not so many sizes. And I could kind of see the gypsum(?) in the inside of the shoe. But I haven’t really used them.
    If you ever buy them and actually make use of them please write a review, i’d like to know how it went for you.

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