Which Country Produces The Very Best Pointe Shoes?

If I could gather up one cobbler from each country that produced pointe shoes, I would have an easier time voting for my favorite one. Thinking about all the countries that now make them can be overwhelming to say the least.

If I was going to vote on where the very best pointe shoes come from, I would leave the United States out of the contest for now. Why? I am considering the  older, more established countries that have had a huge head start when it comes to theater tradition, shoe making and the needs of the dancer.

Hundreds of years is quite a head start don’t you think? I will do a post about winning American brands later.

My Picks For The Top 3 Countries That Produce The Worlds Finest Pointe Shoes Are:

Italy- The Most Experienced Shoe Making Country In The World

Why do the rich and famous demand designer shoes made in Italy? Simply because the Italians are the very best at creating shoes of the highest-quality and workmanship.

Italian shoemakers take great pride in creating shoes that are like works of art, yet extremely durable.

This is evident in the structure of the beautiful, yet very sturdy models of the Italian Aloart Alina and Triunfo Sparticus to name a few. Quality and strength combined are Italian trademarks.

France-The Land Of Ballet Origin And Tradition

How could one ever compare countries like this without including the birthplace of ballet itself? If anyone knows what a dancer needs to keep on her toes, it should be the old, established cobblers of France, right?

From the time of the earliest pointe work known, the French have perfected the shape and structure of this hard shoe. Have you ever noticed that French brands are always so pretty, light looking and elegant? This is the preservation of classical tradition; a ballerina must appear weightless en pointe.

Russia-Legendary Aesthetics And Perfectionism In Shoe Fit

Where can one begin to describe the Russian contribution to some of the world’s most famous and influential ballet performances of all time? Russia and only Russia trains the dancer to complete perfection.

Russian-made pointe shoes are also made with this strict attention to perfection. The Russian shoe has a certain aesthetic that is instantly recognizable and highly coveted by dancers all over the world. Please vote for your favorite country and let’s see who wins the contest.

5 responses to “Which Country Produces The Very Best Pointe Shoes?

  1. Giovana Siquieroli

    I’ve got a challange for you. To discover the brand of two point shoes. One is this that Osipova is using in this picture (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jo-art/5593106906/sizes/l/in/photostream/) and the other one is that pointe wich name of the brand in bold letter (http://pinterest.com/pin/122441683588615734/).
    Please check out for me!!! I really could not found the first one’s brand i’ve been searching for months! And the second I supose that could be Grishko’s Vaganova, but I’m not sure…
    Please !!

  2. Natalia Osipova is one of the featured dancers on the Gaynor Minden website that claims to wear nothing but the Gaynor Minden brand. You can read about Osipova here;http://www.dancer.com/artistDetail.php?id=50.

    Looking at the other photo up close, the shoes appear to be Grishko Ulanova’s.

  3. I just discovered your web site and am LOVING it!!! I’ve never seen a blog with such detailed info about pointe shoes. It’s really great!

  4. What about the UK? No shoes are better than Freed’s IMO.

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