B&M Danza Pointe Shoes From Argentina

Traversing through the Internet the other day produced an unexpected find for me: another Spanish pointe shoe brand that I have never heard of.  The brand name is B&M Danza of Argentina. There is little clue as to what those initials might stand for.

The B&M Danza Company  Website

Going to the official website of this company, I was disappointed to find no company history or about us page for background information. I can only guess that they are either a new company or a local  distributor in their area.

There is a photo gallery of the many beautiful dance wear products they offer. They are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The country of Argentina has a well-established tradition of  being one of the leaders in the performing arts world.

They bring a passion to their performances that you just don’t see much of in the United States; unless, of course, the dancer has a little Spanish  in her blood.

The B&M Danza Pointe Shoe Description

According to the company website the shoe comes in 3 choices : flexible, normal and reinforced.  The shoe appears to have very low-cut sides and heels. It is a shame that some companies leave out so much vital information about the shoe fitting specs for curious  pointe shoe buffs like me.

To see more pictures of this pretty pointe shoe and all the amazing varieties of dance products they sell please visit their official website, Bymdanza.com.ar

2 responses to “B&M Danza Pointe Shoes From Argentina

  1. Hi,
    I am overseas sales manager of the Grishko Ltd., Moscow, Russia; and I have found that, by mistake, you put put in the Grishko section the address of the site of our US distributor. The address of our site is different, i.e. www,grishko.ru (suffix RU instead of COM).
    Best regards,
    Grishko Ltd.,
    Moscow, Russia

  2. Hi Yuri,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I will change the Grishko link to the right website address for the readers 🙂

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