Russian Class Beauty-The Bonbe And Anima

Anastasia Volochkova

In one of my earlier posts, I speak about the amazing construction and style of the R-Class brand pointe shoe. I also mention that the American representative of the R-Class company is Russian Pointe, based in Chicago.

When you compare both websites to see what models they each have to offer, both R-Class and Russian Pointe  basically offer the same gorgeous pointe shoes.

I found 2 models offered through the R-Class website that I couldn’t find on the Russian Pointe website based in the United States; the Bonbe and Anima.

First of all, the names are quite interesting. The Bonbe and Anima are part of the Classics Collection in the R-Class stock. The Bonbe is made for those with wider feet that prefer a high crown. The Anima is made for experienced dancers that have narrow feet and can balance on narrow platforms. Both are handcrafted and so pretty.

In my opinion, there is almost nothing to compare to the beauty of a Russian ballerina dancing on pointe. Russian ballerinas and pointe shoes made in Russia are the cream of the ballet crop. I don’t know what kind of pointe shoes Anastasia Volochkova wears in the photo above, but thought this photo was a lovely example of the beauty of ballet.

You can find out more about the R-Class Anima and Bonbe by visiting the official R-Class website,

Update 2/14/19 -The above website for R-Class is no longer valid. Check the sidebar link for their updated web address.

4 responses to “Russian Class Beauty-The Bonbe And Anima

  1. Absolutely agree! I think Karen or I have a pair of these somewhere. The Russian shoes look so beautiful on the Russian Ballerinas. Pure magic.

  2. If you ever find them I would love to see a photo! 🙂

  3. Howdy! I am so pleased with your lovely words about Russian pointe shoes. I could never figure it out but the first time I saw them, before I knew they were Russian shoes, I thought they were the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen. Then I found out they were Russian pointe shoes and went to their site straightaway. What a wonderful site and sometimes I’ll pop on over to their site just to enjoy something beautiful. A guilty pleasure of mine I suppose.

    They are lovely shoes though and I’m glad you feel the same. Have a wonderful day my new friend and keep up the awesome job with this site. It’s fantastic!

  4. Thank you 🙂 I agree….the Russian designs looks so beautiful on the feet. They are works of art in themselves..

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