Meiguan Pointe Shoes

Meiguan Dance Wear LogoI happened upon the Meiguan website completely by accident while searching for information about another Chinese pointe shoe brand.  Meiguan is a dance shoe factory located in Guangdong, China.

This company makes different types of dance wear, including pointe shoes. The website shows 6 different models and 2 that are blank. Maybe they are discontinued or there is an image missing.

None of the models offer any specifications.  The Meiguan pointe shoes do have some Chinese writing across each model which may be their name. I would love to know more about this brand. Check out the Meiguan pointe shoe models by visiting their official website,

Update 4/5/2018: The website link has been removed because it doesn’t work anymore.

2 responses to “Meiguan Pointe Shoes

  1. I just got a pair of these off ebay! They’re a lovely soft yellow with pre-sewn ribbons. They are lightweight and have a square box. I have model 7014.

  2. Hello Hibbie,
    Soft yellow sounds interesting for a pointe shoe color…would love to see a photo of them 🙂 Yes, eBay can be a fun place to look at pointe shoe brands and lots of them! Thanks for sharing.

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