Red Satin-The Passionate Pointe Color

Sansha Sizzles In Red

What is it about red pointe shoes that makes them so special? Not only is red an attention-getting color, the effect is magnified when done in reflective satin. Those of us who have never seen a pair in real life, yet alone danced in them, can only imagine what  such a hot color would feel like on the feet.

Red Pointe Shoes Are Drama Plus

No dancer can slip on a pair of fire-engine red pointe shoes and sneak past unnoticed. She might be able to slip by without too much notice in her practice leotards wearing pink satin shoes, but everyone will notice a red satin shoe. Red is total drama.

The Meaning Of The Color Red

Colors evoke emotional responses in humans. The color red is the color of passion. It represents energy, heat, desire, anger, romance and even danger. Red is also the color of stimulation.

Dansgirl Moonlight In Racy Red Satin

Relaxing In Red Is Hard To Do

When you think about relaxation, fiery red satin shoes usually don’t come to mind.

Looking at these bright Dansgirl pointe shoes might keep me up past my bedtime tonight. They are electrifying and young-at-heart. Do I like them? I don’t know. At my age, passionate shoe colors could be bad for my health. It may take years for me to adjust my pink satin brain to  the idea of pointe shoes coming in so many vibrant, high-voltage   shades. Either way, it certainly is fun to write about them.

This video below, The Red Shoes, depicts a fantastic representation of the magic of red pointe shoes. Remember Dorothy’s red sequined shoes in The Wizard Of Oz? Somehow, those shoes wouldn’t have carried much magic if they were brown. Moira Shearer is fascinating to watch as she becomes entrapped by the energy of those fiery red satin pointe shoes.

The Red Shoes 1948

6 responses to “Red Satin-The Passionate Pointe Color

  1. There is just something magic about “Red Ballet Shoes” – my first pair were red – I think my Mum got me red because she loved this film. This film is loved by many generations and I think most of us think of all the Romance and Passion associated with this film.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know your first ones were red, how neat! Do you still have them?
    My problem is that I want those red shoes she wore in the film for my collection. Sigh…a girl can dream 🙂

  3. I wonder where these shoes are?????????????? They might be at the Royal Ballet School or Opera House Museums ???

  4. I dont have any of my old shoes. I didnt consider that mine would ever be of interest to anyone. Sadly I got rid of a lot of memorabilia while bringing up young children etc.

  5. Yes, I suppose we never think about getting nostalgic over old shoes. I tossed my first away because they were so shredded and worn. Little did I know how much I would want them back 30 years later.

    That gives me something to research (as if I need more 🙂 ) I will try to find out where the red shoes went after the filming of that movie. I would really love to know what brand they were!

  6. After a bit of digging I found her shoes. They are kept at The Nothhampton
    Museum and Art Gallery along with Queen Victoria’s wedding shoes.

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