Triunfo Of Italy-Pretty In Any Language

Triunfo Pointe Shoes
Scarpe Triunfo

Triunfo Is Pretty In Pink

I am not sure how to say pretty in pink satin in Italian, but I wish I did.

These lovely Triunfo pointe shoes have all the features of a beautifully hand-crafted shoe; something which Italy has always been superior at producing.

I don’t know which model this Triunfo shoe is, but I find it so pretty. There is a richness to the shade of satin and a sturdy look to the platform shape and size that looks perfect for ease of balancing. In Italian, scarpe means shoe. Bella means beautiful. This Triunfo is scarpe bella.


4 responses to “Triunfo Of Italy-Pretty In Any Language

  1. Hey do you know how I can get their Spartacus uomo shoe? I have been trying to call them, email and I am not getting any luck getting a call or email returned. I mostly wanna know which sizes to get and I figured if I gave them the information of what other pointe shoes that fit me they would be able to provide a right size. Thanks.

  2. Hello Alec,
    The Triunfo company actually has 2 websites. You may have better luck contacting them through their Triunfo online store which has the Spartacus size chart;

    I am not sure whether Triunfo has English-speaking sales reps, so Google translate may come in handy. The Triunfo store has a contact e-mail too. I hope this helps.:)

  3. Sono lieto di dirle che Triunfo ancora oggi è sul mercato . Per qualsiasi informazione ci contatti all’ oppure su facebook . Aspetto una sua e-mail oppure su facebook. A presto

    Google Translate: I am pleased to tell you that Triunfo is still on the market today. For any information contact us at or on facebook I wait for your e-mail or facebook. See you soon

  4. Grazie, Pasquale. Le scarpe da punta Triunfo sono bellissime!

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