Mysterious Canvas Pointe Shoes

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the sheer amount of pointe shoe brands circulating around the world today. The photo below  is no exception.

Blanscet pointe shoes in canvas

Blanscet or Blanseet pointe shoes in canvas

This is yet another pointe shoe brand that I have never heard of. These canvas pointe shoes were for sale on Italy’s version of eBay. The seller had described the brand name as BLANCHET.

I found several other references to dance wear made by a company called BLANCHET and BLANCHETT. Both Triunfo of Italy and a German dance wear company offer Blanchet products. The mystery? The bottom of the shoe.

The makers stamp on the bottom of this shoe is clearly not Blanchet or Blanchett.  Zooming in on the makers stamp, the letters appear to say Blanseet or Blanscet.  There is less than zero information about these mysterious canvas pointe shoes. The name itself gives little clue about the country of origin.

This is certainly a baffling pointe shoe puzzle! What does the makers stamp read to your eyes?

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