Colored Pointe Shoes

The Punch Of Purple Satin Grishkos

I have decided to start a new category today. Colored pointe shoes. Although I am a die-hard pink satin traditionalist, some pointe shoe colors really cause me an emotional reaction. I guess all colors cause us to feel one thing or the other.

I happen to love the look of traditional pink satin for pointe shoes.  My second choice would be a beautiful and pristine white satin.

I was really floored by the punch of these purple Grishkos. Wow, are those some bright shoes! The vamps seem to go on for miles and miles. For a purple lover, that wouldn’t be a bad thing.  What do bright purple pointe shoes say to you?

Grishko Pointe Shoes in purple

Purple-The Color Of Royalty

Do I like them? Well, let’s just say that I approach colored pointe shoes with caution…..

Of course, satin comes in various shades for theatrical effects and not all ballet performances are classical in nature.

Purple Grishko pointe shoes

Miles of purple satin on those Grishko vamps !

 Pawlowa’s In Black Satin

What do you think of when you see black satin pointe shoes? For some reason, I picture evil queens and sorcerer’s wreaking havoc with people’s lives or some really spicy Latin ballet dance.

Looking at black pointe shoes makes me lose the sense of romance that traditional pastel-colored ballet shoes  have always held for me. This is just my own personal response to darker colored ballet shoes.

Pauls of Germany Black Satin Pointe Shoes

Pauls Black Satin Pointe Shoes

These black Pawlawa’s by Paul’s of Germany are beautifully shaped and meant to last with the built-in suede toe cap.They appear slightly odd and mismatched from the lighter gray toe caps, but seem to be a really popular shoe model in Germany.

To me, black pointe shoes are mysterious, edgy, racy and slightly dangerous.This is before going on pointe ! Personally, black satin is not my favorite as I find it the exact opposite of girly pink,  which I love.

How do you feel about black satin for pointe shoes? Do you find them ugly and un-ballet like or do you really, really want a pair?

8 responses to “Colored Pointe Shoes

  1. Jamie Cannady

    Where can I get some of these purple pointe shoes? My favorite color is purple, and I am a die-hard dancer…WHERE CAN I GET SOME?!?!

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I checked out Grishko’s website and this link, says “Any of our pointe shoes can be dyed at your request. The following colors are available: white, black, bubblegum pink, coral, yellow, red, bordeaux, blue, violet, and dark green.

    Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

    I am thinking that Grishko violet is this purple shade. They have to be ordered at a dance shoppe near you. Grishko has a listing of the shoppes near your town.

    Anniel of Italy has a lot of colors too….their purple is more like dark grape or wine. Let me know how it goes 🙂

  3. Purple is my favorite color and Grishkos were my shoe of choice when I was dancing! I think these were made for me! 🙂

  4. They are perfectly plum-tastic pointes for pleasing purple preferring princesses…whew, that was a tongue twister 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed your article about these colored pointe shoes! My favorite color is not purple, but when I read your aticle, I found the color purple very pleasant. I tend to like big bold colors and colored pointe shoes r just the thing 4 me! i can’t wait 2 see what u write next! I hope u will do another article on colored pointe shoes!!!!! 😀 Keep up the good work!

  6. I think your right about the black ones but the purple ones I think would be really nice looking on feet

  7. I dnt hve any pointe shoes I actually teach my self ballet ever since I was little. I watch ballet videos n movies n I really wish I had a teacher n a pointe I’m actually thinkin abt buyin one n teach my self to use it and be the first amateur ballet dancer in Africa Nigeria I’ve been teachin myself since I was 5

  8. I wonder if you have seen this article? It’s an important discussion

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