Miniature Pointe Shoe Fun

Freed Mini Pointe Shoes

Miniature Pointe Shoes by Freed

What Is It About Mini Pointe Shoes That Are So Irresistible?

I guess pointe shoe makers caught on to a great idea when they decided to make tiny replicas of the real thing.

I personally find mini pointe shoes so incredibly cute, as probably many other pointe shoe lovers do as well. I think they make wonderful gifts and decorations.

There are now quite a few dance supply companies that offer mini pointe shoes. Some are much more realistic looking than others, but all of them are still adorable and unique items for dancers.

The Freed Company seems to have their mini’s down to an art form. When makers offer their miniature versions in several colors, it can be hard to choose which shade to buy.

If you could only choose one, which Freed mini would you prefer? The traditional pink or the racier red?

2 responses to “Miniature Pointe Shoe Fun

  1. I like the traditional pink ones most! Same color as my own ‘full-size’ pointes :p You’re right, they are soooo cute! I have 2 mini pointe shoes; from Sansha as well. Bought them in a ballet store in Brussels. xx

  2. Me too…a pink lover all the way! 🙂

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