Another Ushi Nagar Pointe Shoe Photo

Ushi Nagar Pointe Shoes

Inner Sole Of The Ushi Nagar Pointe Shoe

I recently found another photo of the mysterious Ushi Nagar pointe shoe model and still have as many questions about this brand as I did in my previous post about them. It appears that Ushi Nagar may still be in business.

The nice part about this photo is that a telephone number from the England area can be seen imprinted on the insole of the shoe. I must say that this is a unique place to stamp a business telephone number. Unfortunately, this is a little too long distance for me to call from the states.

This is a very fascinating shoe and an equally fascinating maker. Whoever Ushi Nagar is, he has managed to hide himself away from the U.S. market quite nicely. I am looking forward to the day when I can learn more about this maker and exactly where he makes his pointe shoes.

2 responses to “Another Ushi Nagar Pointe Shoe Photo

  1. Hi,

    In case you haven’t found details about this brand yet, this page may interest you:

  2. I need ro contact Ushi Nagar regarding ordering pointe shoes.
    My email is
    Thank you
    Susan Manchak

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