The M.J. Pointe Shoe Brand

It took quite a bit of investigating before I found out the origin of the mysterious M.J. brand pointe shoe from South America.  I have stumbled upon photos of this particular pointe shoe for sale on merchant websites in Argentina and in Chile, South America.

Sometimes the seller would refer to these shoes as M.J.  pointe shoes and others would call  them  M&J pointe shoes. The initials M.J. stand for Miguel Jorda.

Miguel Jorda And The Jorda Dance Wear Company

Miguel Jorda

Miguel Jorda

Miguel Jorda is the son of a former dancer, choreographer and Flamenco teacher in Argentina, Miguel Jorda Sr. The elder Mr. Jorda came to Argentina from Catalan, Spain in the early 1920’s.

Miguel Jorda Jr. also had the added dance background of a mother who was a Spanish classical dancer, a Grandmother who was a seamstress and fashion designer and a Grandfather who was a dancer and shoe model. The entire family  has been dedicated to the performing arts for years. The Jorda family has dancing and music in their genes.

Miguel Jorda  Began  The M.J. Shoe Company  In 1986

In 1986, Miguel Jorda started making high-quality boots and shoes. Over the years, the company inventory has grown to include footwear for all types of dance genre’s. The company also makes dance apparel for the South American and European markets. On top of producing dance wear, Miguel Jorda also runs a Flamenco dance academy called La Casa de los Jorda.

The Miguel  Jorda dance students can be seen dancing this  passionate style of Spanish dance in this video, La Casa de los Jorda.

The M.J. Or Miguel Jorda Pointe Shoe

M&J-pointe-shoesThe M.J. pointe shoe is the only one of its kind on the company website. There is no information about the design specifications of this shoe. One thing is certain, this pointe shoe brand is made in Santiago, Chile, making it a 100% Spanish pointe shoe. The M. J. website is also in Spanish.

The company history is an intriguing one. It goes to show how many brands can actually be available in other countries that American dancers have no idea about. Fascinating, isn’t it? You can visit Miguel Jorda’s official website and see the M.J. pointe shoe by visiting Calzados Jorda, which means  footwear by Jorda in Spanish.


* Update 2/3/ 2019-  Jorda has changed their  website address to

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