Repetto Pointe Shoes

At this time last year, the Repetto website offered versions of their pointe shoe models as a series of  black and white sketches. Today, I found a new, updated Repetto website with color images instead.  What was incredibly surprising is the fact that I only saw one model for sale, the La Carlotta.

The Repetto La Carlotta is being sold with different design specifications to suit individual needs, but all of them are still the La Carlotta model. I did notice that other models like the Willis, Rushka and La Bayadere can still be found online through American dance supply distributors.

Discontinued Repetto Models

Right now, it’s impossible to tell if Repetto plans on discontinuing the Willis, Rushka and La Bayadere. Sadly, two of Repetto’s prettiest models, the Fiorentina and Carmen were long ago discontinued.

Repetto Fiorentina

Repetto Fiorentina


Repetto Carmen

Repetto Carmen

Pre-shaped Like Street Shoes

Both the Carmen and the Fiorentina were made pre-shaped to fit either the right or left foot, like a street shoe. That alone could be a very good reason for their demise. Dancers have been enjoying the freedom of  alternating their pointe shoes from right to left for over 150 years.

Looking at the photos above, it is difficult to see which one is the left shoe and which is the right. Most likely, it was the inner box that was shaped to a specific foot making them less versatile than traditionally made shoes.

It is surprising that such a world-famous shoe company like Repetto only offers one pointe shoe model on their official company website. For now, the La Carlotta is the only model that can be ordered directly from Repetto.

6 responses to “Repetto Pointe Shoes

  1. I had a pair of the Repetto “asymmetrical” pointe shoes in college (can’t remember if it was the Fiorentina or the Carmen) and I was wondering if they were still in production. It always made sense to me to have a left and a right for improved alignment, if nothing else, but I guess it never caught on. Thanks for providing a resource for those “whatever happened to?” pointe shoe questions!

  2. Your welcome 🙂
    I am sure many of us wonder what the difference would feel like on a pointe shoe made just to go on a certain foot vs. the traditional kind. I wonder if the platform was created in a special slant for right or left side?

    It’s a shame they were discontinued…..they probably had many dancers who loved to wear them.

  3. How much do the Repetto fiorentina ballerina shoes cost$$$.

  4. Hello Liz. The Fiorentina has been discontinued. You may be able to find a pair here or there on if you are lucky.

  5. Woessner pointe shoes are being discontinued as the maker now retiring- am seeking something similar. Any ideas – I would be grateful as this the only shoe I’ve worn. Thanks

  6. NotARealCollector

    There are more discontinued models from Repetto, e. g. the “Opera” or the “3/4” (yes, that is a pointe shoe). I would be happy to contribute some pictures of the pairs I own to your blog; just drop me an email. Keep posting! 🙂

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