The Cooper Pointe Shoe By Gamba

The Gamba Company is an old and established pointe shoe manufacturer in England that is well-known for their Gamba 93 and Gamba 97 models. When companies like Gamba choose to manufacturer a pointe shoe for another company, things can become interesting and confusing at the same time.

Gamba Cooper Pointe Shoe

Where Are You Sold?

In typical fashion, I found this photo of the Cooper pointe shoe totally by accident while I was researching another brand. The makers stamp on the inner lining of these shoes says Made by Gamba Exclusively For Coopers, Slough.

I located Slough as an area of London. During an Internet search, I found 3 companies in the Slough area with the name Coopers. The first one I found is Cooper’s Magic Shop. They are listed in a London dance directory as selling ballet wear, but nowhere on the website did I find any type of ballet or pointe shoe for sale.

The other 2 companies, Lee Cooper and Coopers of Marble Arch sell jeans and apparel for men. So, who exactly sells this Cooper pointe shoe? I may send out 2 e-mail inquiries to find out. One to Gamba and one to Coopers Magic Shop. Hopefully, the response will be magically quick!

This could be a fascinating find. I can’t imagine a pointe shoe being sold as a costume prop to the untrained public. If any readers from the U.K. can shine the light on Cooper’s of Slough, London, please feel free to comment.


2 responses to “The Cooper Pointe Shoe By Gamba

  1. Coopers Magic shop Slough has long gone. Opened by Tommy Cooper’s brother (a late comedian), the store must have closed 20 yrs ago. I had a pair of ballet shoes from Coopers – loving the nostalgia but I doubt anything remains of the business.

  2. Closed 20 years ago? Yes, that’s a long time. The pointe shoes could very well be long discontinued. Thank you for the information 🙂

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