Continsouza Of Paris

The Mysterious Continsouza Pointe Shoe Brand

I found these photos of  the French pointe shoe brand Continsouza completely by accident during one of my internet researching episodes. This is getting to be a regular occurrence for me. I set off to hunt for information about one mystery pointe shoe brand and end up finding another!

I was able to dig up a small bit of history on the Continsouza name. A well-known French manufacturer by the name of Pierre-Victor Continsouza  invented and produced specialized camera’s and equipment for photography. The business became very successful and grew into a very large production company in Paris.

Pierre-Victor Continsouza died in 1944 and there is no clue as to whether this company expanded to produce dancewear or not. After a bit more investigating I found an  address for the Continsouza Company on a French dance forum;

Continsouza SA BP 622-75421 Paris Cedex 09-01 53 32 84 89

As you can see, Continsouza also makes (or made) ballet slippers. I found the ballet slippers for sale on a French merchant website.  At this time, I can’t know whether this brand is discontinued or not, so it will be added to the mystery list for now.

9/2014 UPDATE:  After all this time I am still no closer to finding out where French dancers are sourcing these shoes. They continue to appear for sale online sale since this post was originally published.

more images of this intriguing brand




  1. Hi
    Actually i’m French, i am 29 now and i used Continsouza pointe shoes from the age of 9 to the age of 14. They were absolutely great.
    They were strong and difficult to break but they had the perfect form for Greek feet. And they were beautiful……Unfortunately they do not make them anymore and it’s impossible to find them now…… I try a lot of pointe shoes. For the moment i have a pair of Carlotta from Repetto and i’m trying Freed but i regret Continsouza ……..

  2. Hi. Yes, that must be one of the most difficult challenges a dancer faces; finding a great shoe and having the maker go out of business. I guess we never know when a brand will disappear forever….makes one want to save every pair, no matter how worn they get as they could become collectors items. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Hi! My name is Patricia Storelli and I am the author of “The Magic of Pointe Shoes”. When I was training in France I discovered by chance the Contin-Souza pointe shoes: they were awesome and the best pointe shoes I have ever worn in my entire life. I would call them the “magic slippers”. Unfortunately I confirm that the factory does not exist anymore and there are no more Contin-Souza shoes exist on the market. I wish I had kept one to be able to reproduce the same type of shoes, but unfortunately I didnt….

  4. Hello Patricia,
    I love to hear stories about beloved models of pointe shoes. This particular brand will probably be museum-worthy at some time, just like the shoes made specifically for the Bolshoi Theatre back in the 1980’s.

    What I find baffling (yet very interesting!) is the absence of company history and/or business closing information.

    I adore the title of your book, “The Magic Of Pointe Shoes”. That sums it up perfectly! There is no other shoe on the planet quite as magical as a pointe shoe.

  5. i have a pair of Contin-Souza pointe shoes that i bought in Paris in the late 1990’s from a shoe repair shop off of Boulevard Montparnasse. The owner told me that he made them for his daughter, who had trained at the Paris Opera Ballet. Perhaps it was a very small company…….he told me then that the company no longer existed. i assume that he copied the shoes for his daughter. I love finding unknown shoes so I bought the only pair that he had.

    I was wearing Stanlova at the time— still love them……I live in NY… them n Paris.

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