DeVarona of Mexico

In one of my earlier posts, I had a mystery pointe shoe photo of models named DeVerona that I found on an Argentinian merchant website. Because the name De Verona means of Verona in Spanish, I took a guess and thought this pointe shoe  may have been an Italian pointe shoe brand from Verona, Italy. I was wrong!

I stumbled upon more photos of this pointe shoe and was able to get the information I was looking for. The pointe shoe brand name is DeVarona of Mexico.

DeVarona Pointe ShoesThe DeVarona Company produces these pointe shoes in Guanajuato, Gto., Mexico which is located right in the middle of Mexico. For many years I was under the impression that Miguelito was the only Mexican brand available. It is always exciting to finally solve a pointe shoe mystery and discover yet another beautiful pointe shoe brand.

DeVarona pointe shoes made in MexicoDeVarona pointe shoes are available in pink, red and black satin. They have a standard model, a reinforced model, and can also make special order pointe shoes for men.  Currently, the DeVarona Company does not have a company website so the information about their design specifications are limited.

Inquiries about the Devarona pointe shoe model can be made through the following contact information:

E-mail or phone(473) 732-3547



Thanks to information provided by a reader, we now have the official website address of DeVarona in Mexico. Not only does this company offer basic pointe shoes in black, pink and red satin, they have amazing silver, blue and green satin pointes too.

The website  does not have an English version as far as I could see, but it is well worth the visit to see the range of beautiful dance wear  and ballet shoes that DeVarona offers. This company also offers an amazing choice of colors in soft ballet slippers.

I have added the company link to the sidebar. You can check out the colorful variety of slippers and pointe shoes by visiting their official website,

2 responses to “DeVarona of Mexico

  1. This DeVarona shoe looks a well designed shoe. Interesting that they specialize in custom made.

  2. It seems that there are many pointe shoe makers who have smaller shops and don’t offer a website. Finding this info was a miracle!