Ting Pointe Shoes

A Chinese Pointe Shoe Brand

The Ting Dance Wear Company is headquartered in the bustling city of Beijing, China. The company founder, Tina Chen, has an extensive and very impressive back round in the dance arts. Her accomplishments are truly amazing and range from experience as a Royal Ballet Teacher’s training graduate to a performer to the author of books and video’s.

Tina Chen’s Ting Company has grown into one of the worlds largest dance wear suppliers with over 400 products that are made in 2 huge factories in Guang Dong, China and Jiang Su Province.

A Large Dance Wear Company With Only One Pointe Shoe Model?

The Ting Dance wear Company manufacturers a large inventory of dance shoes. If you look at the size of their 2 factories, it is obvious that Ting is a very successful dance wear supplier in China and all over the world.

They seem to be concentrating on other dance genre’s with shoe production,however. I was surprised to see only one model of pointe shoe being sold on their website, the Ting Satin.

Ting Satin pointe shoes from China

Ting Satin

Ting Satin-The Lonely Only

I don’t know why certain dance wear companies will focus on producing certain types of dance shoes over another. Supply and demand might have something to do with it.

I have noticed small dance wear companies with over 9 different pointe shoe models, and huge companies that only offer one model.

I have seen photos of the Ting pointe shoe in canvas, but the canvas model isn’t seen on the website. The Ting website has an English version which is nice. Unfortunately, there is little information about the Ting Satin model. I would love to find out more about it.


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