Ballerina Brand Pointe Shoes From Japan

Beautiful And Mysterious

The Ballerina Dancewear Company has a been a real challenge to research. Perhaps research is the wrong word. The Ballerina website seems absolutely stripped of any real information that a dancer can use to make a pointe shoe decision.

The Ballerina Company website has no “about” page, and even more mysterious, no contact e-mail for the business. They supply a fax number and telephone number for inquiries about their products. Asking customer service a question from the United States would require a translator, a fax machine, and a good long-distance carrier on your phone service.

There are English words on the website mixed in with Japanese, but not enough to decipher the meaning. Finding the Ballerina website has solved two of my pointe shoe mysteries regarding the EX II and Legato model which you can see here at the top of the page. The Legato model is the third pointe shoe from the top left and the EX II is next to it on the right. The pointe shoes do all have names, but so far I am able to come up with the EX, EX II, Legato, and RX. None of the models have any design specifications other than color.

The Ballerina pointe shoe collection is amazingly pretty, and it appears that there are at least 3 retail shops in Japan that sell Ballerina products. Hopefully this pointe shoe company will provide an e-mail contact sometime in the near future.

The Ballerina of Japan website is just as pretty as their pointe shoe models. You can visit their website here.

2 responses to “Ballerina Brand Pointe Shoes From Japan

  1. The 1048 アラベスク is the ‘Arabesque’. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the information. That’s exactly what I need here…..translators for all these mysterious international brands! What a great name for a pointe shoe model, Arabesque. Very nice.

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