Cecilia Kerche And Her New Website

Waiting For The New Cecilia Kerche Product Line

Cecilia KercheI must say how happy I am to finally see that Cecilia Kerche’s website is up and running! I began checking the site almost every week beginning in last December and I almost gave up hope that it would ever have a grand opening.

I checked her website today and see that it is about 90% complete. The products link says “coming soon” in Portuguese. I am very curious to see what kind of dance products Cecilia Kerche will be offering.

I wonder if she will create another collection of pointe shoe models or continue to sell her name brand through SoDanca. It is always exciting to see what new products are coming out on the market and even more so when it is Cecilia Kerche.

One response to “Cecilia Kerche And Her New Website

  1. This is such a cute review – Ekaterina likes being famous!!!!!!

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