Capezio’s Latest Pointe Shoe Model-Tiffany

Capezio TiffanyGood News For Short Toes

So far, the Capezio Tiffany model is looking like a wonderful alternative to the discontinued Odette model. I am always pleased when pointe shoes are made with shorter vamps and having another model available with shorter vamps will make dancers with short toes a bit happier. The Tiffany hasn’t yet been added to any of the Capezio websites, but is being sold through popular dance supply companies here in the U.S. The Tiffany is lower cut on the sides and heel, similar to the Aria. The best thing about this model is being able to order it with a hard shank. Only time will tell if this model will become popular and sell well for Capezio. Because the Tiffany is just now becoming more well-known, reviews and opinions have been very few. The Tiffany is very pretty and I wish Capezio success with this new pointe shoe model.

I would like to personally thank Zoe Cleland, Capezio’s pointe shoe expert for providing additional information about the Tiffany model. The Tiffany model may make a possible alternative to the Plie I, but is a harder pointe shoe. Here are the design specifications of the Capezio Tiffany:

Tiffany #126:   (Capezio’s new shoe!)

New last!

• Engineered to provide a better fit for today’s feet

• Tapered toe and heel

•  Slightly shorter vamp than Glissé

• Hand-molded

• Strong toe box

• No.3 shank skived from 3/4 down to 0 for quick break in and greater flexibility

• Flat crown

• Generous platform for stability and ease of balance

• U-Throat and elastic drawstring

• Moderate length feathered side wings for support and smooth roll through

• So Suede® lining absorbs moisture, fights bacteria to reduce foot odor, and provides abrasion resistance

• Crease resistant back quarter panels

• Heel height like Glissé

• Good for toes of uneven length, bunions, shorter to moderately long toes, those needing moderate support and those having difficulty getting on top of the platform

• Good for dancers of all levels

• N, M, W more generous widths

• Begin street shoe size

(Tiffany ES #128: Same as Tiffany except with a #5 shank.)

7 responses to “Capezio’s Latest Pointe Shoe Model-Tiffany

  1. I saw the Capezio ad for these in Pointe Magazine on Saturday and ordered a pair from Discount Dance immediately after a quick Google search. I was surprised Discount Dance didn’t advertise it more visibly.

    I can’t wait till them come, becuase they look very similar to the Capezio Concerto–which was their last new shoe before the Aria, and then was mysteriously discontinued a few months ago. I’m hoping the Tiffany will be an update of the Concerto, with the So-Suede lining, etc. The Concerto worked for me and was what I wore before the Rubins, and I was really sad to see it go. When it comes I’ll let you know what I think of it. 🙂

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  3. I just wanted to thank you a million times over for your blog. I’m doing a research project on pointe shoes and it is basically impossible to find all the countries that make pointe shoes in one website. Thank you for saving my project!

  4. Oh, I’m so glad you like it, Jess and good luck with your pointe shoe project 🙂 It seems pointe shoe research never ends around here….

  5. Do you happen to know exactly the difference between #3 and #5 shank? I’m ready to buy my second pair of Tiffany (I LOVE THEM!!!) and I’m wondering whether Pro or regular makes more sense.

  6. Hello Picturina,
    With Capezio, shank hardness/ strength increases with number.

  7. Primaswaggiebieber

    This is my second pair of Tiffany’s. The moment I got into them the shank broke. It broke at the highest point of my arch which is where it broke last time (resulting in me getting new ones). I hadn’t even had the shoes for an hour! Should I just cut the snapped part of the shank off and make it a 3/4 shank? Should I look for a shoe with a harder shank? It’s still danceable and feels comfortable, but I want the shoe to last a while. I have really strong feet with high arches. Maybe this isn’t the right kind of shoe? Help!!

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