Is Merlet Still Producing The Lington Pointe Shoe For Men?

Merlet Lington pointe shoesThese pointe shoes are quite mysterious. I have read on the internet that this model is no longer being produced by Merlet and was replaced by the Empriente model.

Today I found them for sale on a German dance supply website.The Merlet Lington is advertised as a strong pointe shoe and made  specifically for male dancers who do pointe work. Sizes start at a European size 42 which is a size 8.5 men’s street shoe size in the United States.

Another mystery about this model is the fact that several French female dancers claimed  that the Merlet Lington was their favorite pointe shoe. That makes me curious about whether this model was created for male dancers and  female dancers with larger feet liked them, or whether they were originally created for female dancers and are now being sold as mens pointe shoes because the only available sizes left are the larger sizes.

Update 10/13/18- It’s amazing how long a discontinued pointe shoe model can be tucked away, then resurface for sale years later.

Merlet Lington

A beautiful Lington pair featured on eBay Germany in October of 2018.

Anyone who adores  collecting rare or vintage dance shoes appreciates those of you who save and care for treasures like these.

4 responses to “Is Merlet Still Producing The Lington Pointe Shoe For Men?

  1. Hello!
    I bought this model half a year ago in one of the ballet shops in Brussels. It was advised to me by the shop assistant as I couldn’t pick up the right model for a long time. I felt a pain in the fingers all the time when standing on pointes, but Lington turned out pretty much comfortable. She didn’t say it’s male model etc. And I am not sure if this model is still in production or it’s just a stock.

  2. Hi,

    I also bought a pair in Brussels, just like Kateryna (perhaps even the same shop). As they are the most comfortable/flattering pair of pointe shoes I have ever owned and I could not find them near to where I live now, I contacted Merlet to ask whether they are still sold anywhere. I received a reply saying that while the shoe is no longer held in stock, it can still be made on request and sent to a Merlet-selling shop.

    Hope this helps!

  3. I bought a pair of this pointe shoe in germany and it´s a pleasure to wear them. They are offered as a speacial pointe shoe for male. Have a look here:

  4. Hi, Merlet does not produce them anymore. However they still have the schematics/drawings (I don’t know what the correct word is in English) so it is possible to ask them to make them if you really need them. It might take up from 8 to 12 weeks but it is worth the wait if you really need the shoe (for example if you are a male and they fit you well)

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