Miniature Pointe Shoes-Pocket Sized Works Of Art

Freed Miniature Pointe ShoesHow beautiful miniature pointe shoes are! Just think, someone made these tiny little works of art using the same construction techniques that are used for life-sized pointe shoes. I have seen miniature pointe shoes made into purses, pencil cases, and wall art. The pointe shoe manufacturers have been clever enough to create these versions using the leftover materials from the factory so very little goes to waste. At the same time, miniature pointe shoes make wonderful gifts for ballet lovers of all ages.

3 responses to “Miniature Pointe Shoes-Pocket Sized Works Of Art

  1. Mummy got me Grishkos but they are too small on my paws – I think Freeds might be better for me – what do you think. from Ballerina Cat xxxx


    Yes, Freeds look paws-itively better shaped for feline dancers.

  3. Of all of the mini pointe shoes I have, the Russian Pointe ones are absolutely the best. They really are just like a miniature version of a Russian Pointe shoe. Expensive, but worth it!

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