Domyos Renaissance Pointe Shoe

The Domyos pointe shoe comes from a very long and at times confusing background of company split-name branding. The Domyos brand name is actually one of seventeen different divisions of a company called The Oxylane Group.

The Oxylane Group produces and sells all of their fitness, gymnastics, and ballet wear as the Domyos brand. The Oxylane Group also has another division called Decathlon. The Decathlon website sells Domyos brand ballet wear which tends to confuse buyers about whether the shoes are Domyos or Decathlon.

The Domyos Fitness Company is a leader in the sporting goods industry selling all types of  athletic wear and even sports equipment. The corporate headquarters of the Domyos Fitness Company are located in Marq-en Baroel, France which is a suburb of  Lille, France.  Marq-en-Baroel  is located at the far northern end of France close to the border of Belgium.

The Domyos website gives viewers different language choices and different global locations in which to choose from.  The Renaissance model is the only pointe shoe model available on this website. I am unclear whether the Domyos Renaissance has been discontinued or not. Trying to make contact with the Domyos Company at this time has been futile.

The Renaissance model is described as a novice, or beginner pointe shoe that has a flexible sole for easy demi-pointe and a shape that is suitable for many different types of feet. The boxes are slightly tapered and the profiles are medium-high. This is definitely a pretty pointe shoe. You can read more about the Renaissance model by visiting this page on the Domyos website.

  • Update 8/25/2015 The above link is no longer valid and the model has been removed from the company website.

Domyos Renaissance

2 responses to “Domyos Renaissance Pointe Shoe

  1. Hmm…that’s interesting to see a pointe shoe sold alongside campting equipment. It does say “available soon at the Decathalon” store. What I’m really interested in is their toe pads. I like that design:

  2. What I found on YouTube today😃

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