Ballet Groups Gone Wrong

Ballet Snobs

Today, snobbery and perceived superiority in the ballet world was not a topic I had planned on writing about. Then I accidently stumbled upon a Facebook group called Ballet Snobs.

Ballet Snobs is the actual name of the group and this is the actual word for word description of the group:

I am better than you at dance. You are not good. You have nothing to flaunt. Just stop talking now.

When I read this description, the only thing I see is deep insecurity. I don’t see a mature dancer who understands that someone else can be just as talented as you without detracting anything from your own self-worth. This screams, “I’m afraid I’m not good enough so let me put others down so they won’t notice”.

Ballet dancers have to work so hard to achieve technical prowess that added negativity can actually get in the way of obtaining goals. It is a waste of time to focus energy on the deficiencies of others, when each and every one of us has something that needs improving  within ourselves.

At this time, the group has 83 members.  I hate to rain on their parade, but not one of them is more superior than any other person on this planet.  I was a bit hesitant to provide a link to the group, but will leave it here to satisfy your curiosity.               Ballet Snobs on Facebook

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