Celebrating The Beauty Of Aloart Pointe Shoes

Aloart Alina

How does anyone begin to describe such a beautifully designed pointe shoe as this? This is my own personal photo of the Aloart Alina model and I had to contain myself or I would have taken dozens and dozens of photos. As you can see in this photo, the Alina model has a satin drawstring casing which gives these pointe shoes a very polished and professional look.

The soles are a high quality brushed leather and excellent for traction. There is no need to rough up the surface of the sole before using these shoes.

The toe box is beautifully proportioned and mimics the natural shape of the foot. I would rate the hardness of the paste used in this model as comparable with the hardness of a Russian pointe shoe. Very, very hard and durable! This is a shoe made to last.

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The profile on the box is medium-low and the vamps measure approximately 3 and 3/4 inches from the bottom edge of the platform to the edge of the drawstring casing. I have very short toes and the vamp length was perfect.

The platforms are a generous size; approximately 2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall. The wings are blocked on this model . The combination of brushed leather sole, generous platform size, and firm wings make the Alina perfect for dancers who seek stability in a shoe.

All of the stitching is even and perfectly blended. The elastic drawstrings are thick and firm enough to gather the top of the shoe in easily. The satin material used in the Alina model is of excellent quality. This is no flimsy pointe shoe! These pointe shoes are definitely made to last.

With all of the positive design features that the Aloart Alina has, there is one design feature that really stands out. Aesthetics. The fit of the Alina is very flattering and gives a beautiful aesthetic to the line of the feet and legs. These pointe shoes made my wide feet look very sleek and accentuated my arch nicely.

I have included several more photos of the Aloart Alina. To find out more about the Aloart Company and how you can order the Alina model please visit Aloartdance.com. These pointe shoes are of the highest quality.

Update 5/28/17: The Aloartdance.com domain is no longer in service.

5 responses to “Celebrating The Beauty Of Aloart Pointe Shoes

  1. Ooooh…they are pretty! I love it when shoemakers use satin bindings. And a short vamp! What is the shank strength like?

    I might consider trying these shoes. Was it easy to order them? How was the sizing?

    Oh, and I can’t say enough how much I’m enjoying your blog and your insights into pointe shoes. I’m glad I found this site! ^.^


  2. Pointeshoe.net

    Thank you, Melissa
    The shanks on the Alina are medium strength but did not bend at all. They feel very strong! As far as ordering, I’m not certain. The Aloart Company was generous enough to send me one of each model in their collection. All of them are just beautiful! I wear a size 8.5 wide street shoe and the Alina is a Euro size 39 wide. The width is perfect, but would run a size or 2 too small if you wear toe pads. They have a contact page and they do speak English, which is nice. Some of the models are better priced when you order online, averaging about $42.00 which is wonderful for shoes of this quality. At this time, I believe the only way for a U.S. customer to order is by contacting them by e-mail. Stay tuned for the other three Aloart models!

  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me and sharing your experiences with Aloart. I always need a soft shank, so I’m not sure if they’d be ideal for me, but I’ll keep them in mind. They are priced really well and I’ll keep them in mind.

    There’s a lot of shoe brands we’re missing out on here in the States. Especially the Japanese brands (Chacott and Sylvia) that for some reason just aren’t available here.

  4. Is Aloart still in business? The link to their website does not work.

  5. Hello Christa,
    Thank you for letting me know about the broken link. After Aloart let their website expire, they were still advertising their pointe shoes on a special Facebook page.

    That page is no longer there. You may be able to contact the founder of Aloart, Joe Artid through his Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/JoeArtidFull.

    Sadly, it appears that the Aloart brand wasn’t super-successful. In the past few years, I have only seen them listed for sale sporadically on sites like Alibaba.com.

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