Anniel Pointe Shoes

Anniel Miniature Pointe Shoes from ItalyAnniel Miniature Pointe ShoeAnniel Miniature Pointe Shoe

Colorful Pointe Shoes From Northern Italy

The Anniel Sport Company is a family based business located in Montebelluna, Italy. The business began in 1976 as a gymnastic shoe and apparel company.  Anniel Sport quickly became popular for their cutting edge Italian design and unique way of constructing shoes using their own creativity and innovative ideas.

Anniel Sport now manufactures over 2500 different types of shoes for dance, gymnastics, athletics, and ballet. What makes this company really stand out is the pointe shoe color and fabric selection. Many pointe shoe makers offer canvas and leather alternatives to the classic satin pointe shoe.  Anniel Sport can make pointe shoes in lycra, tulle, charmeuse, cotton, brushed cotton, and triacetate.  Not only can a customer pick different fabrics, but the fabrics come in 21 different colors!

I can’t recall ever seeing a bright fuchsia or burnt orange pair of pointe shoes anywhere. Although Anniel prides itself on unique designs, it does have two very classically designed pointe shoe models. There are three pointe shoe models available on their website:

2067: For beginners to advanced dancers

2095: This is a classically designed pointe shoe in the Russian style with a long v-shaped vamp and medium strength shank and is suited for professionals

2358: This model has the same characteristics of the 2095, but with a medium vamp and is suitable for professionals

Anniel 2095


Anniel Russian-style pointe shoes are quite beautiful. These particular shoes also come with the same variation in fabric choice as the 2067 model. Having so many color and fabric options would make it hard to choose just one. Perhaps a pale blue charmeuse…

Anniel 2358


The best feature of the Anniel Sport website is the fact that it is in English. No translation needed!  To look through all of the color choices in their pointe shoe models you can visit their website here.

2 responses to “Anniel Pointe Shoes

  1. Wow….! I love the fuschia ones! (Second to last pair.)

    Those Russian-style ones are quite lovely, too. There’s so many shoes we’re missing out on here in the U.S.!


    It does seem like Europe is a pointe shoe lover’s paradise. The fuschia pointe shoes are stunning and so very unique…….

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