Reart Pointe Shoes

En Pointe In Milano

The Reart Company is located close to the border of Switzerland in Milano, Italy which is located in the northern part of the country. Reart has been supplying dance schools and academies in this area for over thirty years.

The Reart Company carries a large inventory of dancewear, R.A.D. practice clothing, and several well-known pointe shoe brands like Grishko and Capezio. Gaining experience with the needs of the dancers that they supply, Reart created their own pointe shoe collection.

Currently, Reart offers six different pointe shoe models, four of which are professional grade.

RE450P: This model comes with a soft shank, square-shaped box, and reinforced platform. This shoe is suitable for beginners to advanced dancers

RE455F: Created for professionals and comes with a medium strength shank

RE460TRS: This shoe was designed for those with strong feet. They come with hard shanks and long vamps

RE470R: This is a professional pointe shoe with long vamps and extra hard shanks

RE465LS: A  professional grade 3/4 shank pointe shoe

RE471M: Created for beginners to advanced dancers, it comes with a reinforced platform and a medium strength shank

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The Reart website is in Italian, but fairly simple to navigate. To find out more about the Reart products visit their website at Click on catalogo prodotti to see the pointe shoes.

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