Bellini Pointe Shoes

Bellini Pointe ShoesTrying To Solve A Mystery

This particular pointe shoe has really put my inner Sherlock Holmes into overdrive! I am aware that this pointe shoe was manufactured in Europe and with that Italian name I naturally began researching Italian sites. I was able to come up with the name of Diego Bellini, a well-known shoe manufacturer in Italy. Several sites that I checked sell Bellini shoes, which are high-end ladies shoes for weddings and formal wear. Another company in Scotland by the name of Bellini Shoes sells quality shoes for children. The challenge has been locating the actual source of the Bellini brand. Locating  factories and manufacturing plants for companies is extremely difficult, but just like Sherlock Holmes, a true pointe shoe detective never gives up…..

5 responses to “Bellini Pointe Shoes

  1. Very nice article, thanks! I’ve subscribed to your RSS feed. Please keep up posting.

  2. They look very Russian in their construction. I’m wondering if they’re Russian-made shoes with an Italian name.


    Yes, I agree. They do have a Russian-style shape. The soles appear to be thick and very sturdy.

  4. I have a pr of Bellini Pointe Shoes and they have in side Bellini Made in London England.. I’ve been looking as i’m looking sell them but dont no what to ask for them…

  5. I used to wear these Pointe shoes.Despite their Italian name they were actually manufactured by Roch Valley but unfortunately discontinued a long time ago.

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