Minassian Pointe Shoes Of Argentina

The Pointe Shoe Company With  A Presidential History

The Minassian Company has a very rich and unique backround as far as pointe shoe companies go. Going back in time to the early 1950’s, a gentleman by the name of Abraham Kassardijan was becoming well known for the quality and design features of his street shoes. His shoe making business was established in the beautiful country of Argentina.

The quality of his work was so outstanding that he was commissioned to provide shoes for the President of Argentina ; Juan Peron. President Peron and the first lady of Argentina, Evita Peron, also used the shoe making services of Abraham Kassardijan to provide street shoes for Evita’s brother and other male relatives.

After becoming successful in the street shoe business, Abraham Kassardijan purchased pointe shoe lasts or forms which are called “hormas” in Argentinian. Abraham died in 1966 leaving the shoe business to his daughter, Maria Delia.

Maria Delia met and married Dicran Minassian and the company adopted the Minassian name. Minassian has been in the pointe shoe manufacturing business for over 40 years. The Minassian Company are the primary suppliers to some of Argentina’s finest dance theatres:

Colon Theatre

Teatro Argentino de la Plata

Ballet de Salta

Ballet de Misiones

Ballet de la Universidad de Cuyo for Mendoza

Ballet del Mercosur of Maximiliano Guerra

Ballet Argentino of Julio Bocca

Currently, Minassian has six different pointe shoe models:

  • Minassian Brazil: this model was the company’s very first.  It comes with 3 choices of shank strengths; soft, normal, and reinforced
  • Minassian Box: this model is made with thermotechnology which allows the shoes to be molded to the foot using the heat of a blow dryer
  • Minassian Partner:  the Partner is available with a normal shank and has a specially designed sole for better traction
  • Minassian Partner Student: this model is the newest pointe shoe in the collection and comes with a leather toe covering for durability
  • Alto Vuelo: This model comes with a choice of soft, normal, or reinforced shank strengths
  • Unique: I do not have any information about this model

The Minassian website advertises these models by shank strength. The soft shank was created as a “study” or beginner strength shank. The normal shank is for dancers who take frequent classes. The reinforced shank is for those who need a durable support on pointe.

You can see the models by visiting the Minassian website. Click on zapatillos de punta. Minassian also has a Facebook page which you can visit here.

Minassian Pointe Shoes From Argentina

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