Mystery Pointe Shoe

What’s In A Name?

This particular pointe shoe model, which I will call the Swan Sylphide has really peaked my curiosity! This model is sold on the French dancewear website Swandanse under the Swan brand name. After contacting the company, I received a reply stating that this model is made by the Chacott Company.

I am aware that Freed produces a Chacott model in Spain called the Copellia and now wonder if Freed has anything to do with this model. The Chacott website is still up and running, but there is no Sylphide model on that website. Chacott also advertises their pointe shoes as made in Japan.

My question is: where did the Swan brand name come from? Does Chacott have a second division? With so many pointe shoe companies merging like Repetto/Gamba, Freed/Chacott, and SoDanca/Cecilia Kerche, finding out the true origins of a brand can be a bit confusing.

It can be a full time job to crack the code on some of these mysterious pointe shoes. Perhaps the Swan Sylphides are made in Japan to be sold only in France. I am very tempted to call these pointe shoes Freed-Chacott-Swan-Sylphides, but for now I’ll just call them what the bottom of the shoe has stamped; Swan Sylphides.

Swan Sylphide

9 responses to “Mystery Pointe Shoe

  1. Chacott Swan’s aren’t directly listed on Chacott’s website, but if you download a catalog, you’ll see the Swan model listed.


    I appreciate the information. I checked the Chacott website and they request the url of a school or training facility before they will give information about downloading the catalog. How were you able to get one?

  3. A fabulous mystery to say the least! I wish I could help but you are already way past any information I could get.

    Good luck on the issue and another brilliant post!

  4. We had the Chacott´s Swan in our hand ! It´s a lovely shoe by Chacott Japan.


    I think Chacott pointe shoes are just so lovely and they get wonderful reviews.

  6. Ooops…I”m sorry it took me so long to reply! I think I may have messed up my comment notification, becuase I didn’t see anything in my e-mail. Sorry!

    Here’s how you can get the Chacott Catalog:

    If you go to and then scroll down a bit you’ll see a picture of a catalog next to a link that says “Basic Item Catalog.” If you click on that it’ll open up a virtual “catalog.” If you click through, you’ll see the Swan pointe shoe on page 7.

    I’m dying to get my hands on a pair of these shoes because they look like they would work for my feet and the vamp is low…and low-vamped shoes are hard to come by. Maybe some day they’ll get distributed in the U.S!

    I hope that helps! 🙂


    Thank you so much, Lissbirds! The Chacott catalog is absolutely stunning! They are beautifully shaped. I too would love a pair of these beautiful pointe shoes. Yes, I agree that low vamp pointe shoes are difficult to find and that Chacott would find a very large business base in the United States.

  8. It’s crossed my mind to order them directly from Chacott Japan. Here’s a list of their pointe shoes from their online site.

    Also, their page about the C.O.A.D. Allongé is quite gorgeous, too, even if I have no idea what it says:


    Beautiful, beautiful shoes. I would not mind having one of each for my collection.

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