Capezio Ultimo


As a pointe shoe lover and beginner collector, I often gather my various pointe shoes together and look them over, try them on, and just generally enjoy having them.

I do this quite a bit with all my pointe shoes. My goal in collecting discontinued pointe shoes is to save them in perfect condition for the future.

One of the pairs of discontinued pointe shoes that I own is the Capezio Ultimo. The Ultimo has been out of production for twelve years. It’s amazing how long a discontinued pointe shoe can stay on the market as I only recently purchased them.

In the past, the Capezio factory  stamped the creation date of the pointe shoe on the inside near the size mark. I looked closely at my shoes and noticed a date of 10/23/92 making my Ultimo’s 18 years old!

This is the exciting part of owning a discontinued model. Every year that goes by makes my Ultimo’s a little more rare and a little more collectible!

I am also a novice pointe shoe photographer but would love to share my personal photos of the Ultimo’s with you. The satin is a beautiful shade of pink and the shoes have a lovely shape as well.

Capezio Ultimo

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