Sylvia Pointe Shoes

Tradition And Excellence

The Sylvia Co., L.t.d.  based in Tokyo, Japan has been providing dancers of all levels with the highest quality dancewear for over 45 years.  The Sylvia Company produces professional grade practice wear, stage costumes, classical tutus,ballet slippers, and most importantly, pointe shoes.

The Sylvia Company is now so large and successful that three factories are needed to supply customer demand. Six different retail stores are located  in major cities throughout Japan.

What makes the Sylvia Company so unique is their design philosophy. They understand the challenges of achieving the proper positioning of the foot on pointe and have created all of their pointe shoes with this in mind. The shoes are constructed to provide superior balance and support while maintaining lightness of weight. The Sylvia Company wants dancers to feel as though they are dancing in barefoot comfort. How wonderful is this!

All of the pointe shoe models in the Sylvia collection can be purchased with 3 different shank strengths; soft, medium, and hard. The medium shank is the standard in-stock shank. The shoes come in 3 widths; narrow, medium, and wide. For dancers with wider feet, special orders can be taken for extra-wide(EE), and extra, extra-wide (EEE) shoes. All of the models are designed to mold well to the dancers foot.

The Sylvia pointe shoe collection includes 8 different models:


The Florina model was created for intermediate to professional dancers. It has a unique *nylon resin shank that allows the shoe to be strong yet resilient. This type of shank allows the pointe shoe to bounce back and hold it’s shape after repeated use. This design element makes the Florina model the longest lasting shoe in the collection. The box shape is squarer and has a wider platform for ease of balancing. The box shape makes it ideal for dancers who have a broad, square shaped forefoot. The box profile is low.

Satin Top

The Satin Top model is an excellent basic pointe shoe for dancers of all levels. The best feature of the Satin Top is the platform size and shape which make it an ideal turning shoe.

Cherry Toe

The Cherry Toe was created to provide a beautiful aesthetic with a sleek fit. It comes with a medium strength leatherboard shank and molds comfortably to the foot.

Neo Cherry Toe

The Neo Cherry Toe has all of the same design elements of the Cherry Toe, but comes with a 3/4 shank .

Leather Top

This model has a leather toe covering for safety and durability.

Session Toe

The Session Toe model was created for dancers seeking stability while on pointe. The platforms are wider for balancing and the pasting methods used make the Session Toe mold exceptionally well to the foot.

Session Toe-Magic

This model is created by taking the design elements of the regular Session Toe and adding a little “magic” in the form of a unique shock absorbing layer. This insert also makes the shoe quieter on stage due to it’s sound dulling properties.


This is a shankless model for students transitioning from ballet slippers to regular pointe shoes.

The Sylvia pointe shoes models are more beautiful than Japanese cherry blossoms in the spring….

For more information about  the Sylvia dancewear products you can visit their website at This site is in Japanese , but entering the url at this translator helps.

American inquiries can be made by contacting Sylvia Co., L.t.d. by e-mail at

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* Nylon resin is a synthetic material that resists warping and is tough, light, and resilient

One response to “Sylvia Pointe Shoes

  1. balletgoddessbabe

    this pointe shoe is great for solely beginners. The shank is easily bent making this good for first timers. It is reccomended for people with small feet, because the width is extremely narrow.

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