Karl-Heinz Martin

The Eva Pointe Shoe

After reading numerous reviews about the Karl-Heinz Martin Eva pointe shoe model, I was convinced that this model is one of the most popular pointe shoes on the market today.

I find it incredibly interesting that Karl-Heinz Martin was an engineer who decided to use his backround to create pointe shoes that really suit a dancers needs.

He created the Eva pointe shoe model for professional dancers with strong feet. The shoes are constructed with detail to high quality using the best Italian leather and satin  materials.

The Eva model has a lower profile box and tapers slightly. According to the Karl-Heinz Martin company, the “R” sole variation has the hardest shank on the market today. This shank is supposed to be even harder than Grishko’s hardest SH shank.

You can only imagine how strong a dancers feet have to be in order to articulate her foot in shanks so hard.

After I look past all of the construction elements, I find myself looking at a very aesthetically pleasing pointe shoe.

The shape of the shoe is neither too square nor too tapered. It seems to be just right……

7 responses to “Karl-Heinz Martin

  1. leslie hutchinson-duchange

    I used Eva Martins when I danced in the 70’s and they were the best shoe I found for my very highly arched feet. Back then I ordered high vamps and extra hard shanks. A great pointe shoe for serious dancers!

  2. I used EVA Point Shoes when I danced in the late 80’s the best every shoes.
    True, a great pointe shoe for serious dancers.

  3. I have 3 Eva Martins in spare at home. Love these shoes. Even better than the Grishko and Pauls I had before, tho’ I don’t even have a huge arch.

  4. Fantastic brand! Started pointe with them this year in South Africa and can’t think of a shoe more comfortable, quiet or beautiful as the pair I have.

  5. I wore these in the 90’s on a very high arch through the end of my career in Belgium and Boston. The most comfortable, quiet and long lasting shoe I ever wore. Wish I could get my dancers into them here in Maine, USA!!!

    • Coming from a studio where everyone starts with them as their first brand it’s hard to even think of changing my brand nowadays.

  6. After a long search I have found the Eva pointes shoes to be the best for me, even though I don’t have a high arch. But in the Netherlands they are impossible to find and probably out of production… Does anyone know a similar pointe shoe ?

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