Intermezzo Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes From The Coast Of Spain

One of the most enjoyable aspects of researching pointe shoe brands is taking “pseudo” trips around the world. Today on my virtual travels I happened to end up in Terrassa, Spain. Terrassa is located very close to Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona, on the northeast coast.

Terrassa is the hub city for Intermezzo’s growing dancewear company. I was fortunate enough to have an English translation link from which to read through the Intermezzo website. The history of the company is somewhat vague.

The company originated with Francisco Verdera, a textile manufacturer, sometime before 1927. After that date, the company changed names to become Malltex, S.A.  This company produces and distributes  dance apparel under the name Intermezzo.

The Intermezzo company has been showcasing their dance products in various tradeshows within the United States since 1993 and continues to expand their presence in the U.S. market.

Intermezzo produced their first pointe shoe model, Adela, when loyal customers began requesting a pointe shoe be added to their product list.

After the Adela model, Intermezza created another model based on customer need, the Emma.

The Adela is designed with new materials to provide a comfortable fit. The shanks are constructed with a polycarbonate material that makes them very strong, yet flexible. The reinforced toe box and platform make this a longer lasting shoe. The vamps are medium-long with tapered boxes.

The Emma was created for students new to pointe work and comes with a flexible shank to assist in foot articulation. These beautiful photos of the dancers on pointe wearing the Emma and Adela models were provided by the Intermezzo Company. I would like to personally thank Joan Graells of the Intermezzo Company for taking the time to send me these lovely photos.

To get more information about the Intermezzo dance products please visit their website,

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