The Etude

A Popular Name For French Pointe Shoes

After finding three different pointe shoe makers with models named “Etude”, I became curious to find out why that particular name seemed to be so popular with French pointe shoe makers.

Stanlowa of Paris has an Etude model for intermediate dancers. Sansha of France has an Etude model. Degas, another French dancewear company also has an Etude model as well. Merlet of France is yet another maker with an Etude in their pointe shoe collection.

I looked up the definition of Etude on “The definition of Etude in French is to study or exercise. In musical terms it is a practice piece designed to strengthen one particular technique; for example, the piano”.

Now it all makes perfect sense! This is exactly what dancers do; study and practice to perfect a particular technique.

Etude is a most fitting name for a pointe shoe…..

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