Stanlowa Pointe Shoes

Stanlowa Of Paris

For the past several weeks I have been following a trail of French dance supply companies on the internet. I have managed to find two lesser known brands which I will follow up on later.

Although I wasn’t able to gather the full history of the Stanlowa Company, I was able to get some company backround from the Stanlowa website.

Stanlowa of Paris was created by dance choreographer Isabelle Stanlowa when she incorporated her knowledge of the dancewear needs of her students combined with a family talent for working with fabrics.

The Stanlowa company has grown into a large dancewear supplier to dance schools in France and all over Europe. You can view a video of Isabelle Stanlowa’s choreography by going to her personal website.

Stanlowa of Paris currently has two pointe shoe models available; the Soliste and the Etude.

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The Soliste model is suitable for the beginning years of pointe work. It comes with a modified v-vamp and a softer, flexible shank. The platforms are larger for easier balance during pointe work.

The Etude model is for intermediate ballet students. It has a u-shaped vamp and comes with a hard shank. Stanlowa describes the Etude pointe shoe as ideal for strengthening the foot and ankles.

Several of the French websites I visited had beautiful photos of the Stanlowa pointe shoes displayed in small, charming boutiques throughout France. The shoes are lovely in a window display and even more beautiful on the dancers feet.

To see all of the dancewear that Stanlowa of Paris has to offer please visit the official Stanlowa website.

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