Ballet Etiquette

Have Today’s Dancers Lost Their Manners?

Everyone once in awhile I feel the need to express my opinion about certain types of behavior that I find less than appealing.

Anyone who genuinely loves ballet will naturally seek out other ballet lovers to socialize with. That includes social networking sights like Facebook, Twitter, and You-tube.

I have noticed an increase in negative and demeaning remarks made to anyone who is brave enough to post a public photo of themselves on Facebook or upload a video while trying a new pair of pointe shoes.

Most of the biting comments are coming from younger ballet students who seem to have a personal vendetta against other young dancers that they don’t know.

One young dancer with beautiful technical skills was rudely informed that although she was good technically, she would never be allowed to perform with such a “babyish” face.  Just what is the purpose of a comment like that?

Can it be that soon, the younger generation of dancers will ignore the gracious and well mannered ballerina of yesteryear?

I remember how Margot Fontyen carried herself with ladylike dignity at all times. Never could we picture her lashing out in rudeness with another dancer.

How hard a dancer works to control the body when more control is needed over the tongue! I truly believe that any critique of a dancers technique, or lack of, can only be done by someone with impeccable teaching credentials.

A true ballerina maintains poise at all times. In the classroom or on the streets. She shows respect and reverence for her teachers and fellow students at all times. She has a responsibility to show honor to her chosen profession by behaving with  dignity and grace.

Today’s young dancer must lift her standards of behavior higher so that she can be worthy of the tiara that crowns her head like a queen.

6 responses to “Ballet Etiquette

  1. First of all, let me say how much I love your site. My readers enjoy it terribly when I reblog your posts!!!

    I am also so pleased you have the comments on as I have been wanting to tell you for quite a while how awesome and wonderful I think your blog is.

    Now, if I may, lift your spirits regarding ballerina behaviour. Of all the dancers and ballerinas I have ever met, were indeed splendily delightful. Please take comfort in knowing that the majority of ballerinas out there really do serve their professions and passions quite well. From the little ones who have instructed me on where to go and who to talk to when I was lost at a studio or performance, to the others that have marvelled in the front row at the Sugar Plum Fairy with me; all have been wonderful. The teenage ballerinas I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with were and still are some of the most wonderful ladies I will ever know. The older ballerinas from London to New York are of such quality that I would travel all over the world just to see them.

    As for support, I completely agree that each and every dancer should be encouraged and applauded. They are indeed angels of a sort and I too feel that the only people that should criticize them should be very well educated – such as an instructor, but never ever to break the heart of the ballerina…

    I hope you have a lovely day and find the true beauty in 99.9 percent of every ballerina’s heart you come across…

    Beautiful blog through and through…

  2. P.S. Just as soon as I am able, I will be delighted to contribute to your lovely site and am very pleased to have found the button to do so – bravo…

    The writing and content found here is well worth every penny ~


    Thank you so much, Brett. I am so pleased that you have enjoyed the company of those dancers in such a positive way. They are truly role models for the rest….

  4. I’m sad to say, b***chiness in ballet has been around a long time – it’s just that the internet has given people an opportunity to express it in public!

    I have seen too many dancers discouraged from attending class because of nasty comments from other dancers about their weight, for instance.

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  6. It’s my opinion that today’s generation will bring about a change in ballet towards being more accepting of other dancers and there flaws or differences. Hopefully these people will never seriously influence the ballet profession, or I fear that change will happen slower then I thought!!

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