Writing About Pointe Shoes

Some people wonder how I can write about pointe shoes as much as I do. I consider that a very good question as I sometimes don’t know myself.

My fascination with all things ballet began many, many years ago. It wasn’t until I actually purchased a computer that the writing began.

For me, researching and writing about pointe shoe brands is a vast frontier. Pointe shoes are made all over the world and just today I discovered a brand from China that I had never heard of before.

Whenever I find one of these lesser known pointe shoe brands, I become like a mad scientist on my quest for information.

Who makes them? What type of dancer would wear a shoe like this? Why hasn’t anyone heard of this brand before?

These are just some of the questions I ask myself. The pointe shoe brand I found today is Liko of China.

Somewhere in China, a dancer is doing pointe work in her Liko pointe shoes. I find this unbelievably interesting!

The mysteries of lesser known brands, and the incredible beauty of pointe shoe construction will have me writing about pointe shoes for many years to come.


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