Freddy Pointe Shoes

The Gems Of Genoa

As a writer who lives in the United States, nothing attracts me more than researching pointe shoe brands from countries other than the U.S.  Writing an article about a pointe shoe made in New Jersey, for example, just wouldn’t be as interesting.

I was under the mistaken assumption that the Freddy pointe shoe was created in Germany. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the Freddy brand is Italian.

Back in 1976, Carlo Freddi began his dancewear company in the beautiful city of Genoa, which is located on the coast of northwest Italy. Since that time the Freddy Company has grown to include fitness footwear, dance and gymnastics apparel. The company has many retail locations throughout Italy and also expanded into other countries like Greece, Japan, and the U.K.

Several years ago the Freddy company joined with The Royal Ballet to create The Royal Ballet Dancers Collection. This collection was created for the dancers of the Royal Ballet to use during class and daily rehearsals.

The Freddy pointe shoe collection has 9 different models. Instead of names, the models have numbers. Other Italian pointe shoe makers use the numbering system with their pointe shoes as well. Perhaps this is something I should inquire about.

902 This model was designed for students new to pointe work. The toe box and wings are softer for comfort. The flexible sole allows for easier demi-pointe. This model has a short vamp and medium strength shank.

903 The 903 is also a beginner pointe shoe with the same characteristics as the 902, but with a medium vamp length.

903CR This model comes with a leather toe, softer box and wings, and a medium strength shank. This is also a  student  pointe shoe.

904M This model was created for students through advanced dancers. The toe boxes and shanks are harder for durability. They come with a medium vamp and medium strength shank.

904W This model has the same design features of the 904, but with a wider platform.

906MV For advanced dancers. The platforms are wider and come with medium strength shanks and medium vamps.

906LV This model is for advanced dancers and has the same characteristics of the 906, but with a longer vamp.

907 This model is Freddy’s exam pointe shoe. It comes in the standard size of medium shank strength, medium vamp, and medium profiles..

908 This model is Freddy’s professional pointe shoe. The shanks are hard, the vamps are longer, and the boxes have a medium profile.

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Are you wondering why Carlo Freddi uses the letter y instead of his name, Freddi? It turns out that the letter y makes a better business logo and can be shaped into the image of a dancer.

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