Merlet-Pietra Pointe Shoes

The Merlet pointe shoes that are sold here in the United States are technically called Merlet-Pietra models. The names reflect the design collaboration between the Merlet Company and Marie-Claude Pietragalla.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla studied ballet at the Paris Opera Ballet school and then became a member of the corps. During her years as a dancer for the Paris Opera Ballet, she was given the nick-name Pietra which means “rock” in French.

Marie-Claude Pietragalla became the director of the Ballet De Marseilles. Her knowledge and experience with dancers needs were incorporated into the Merlet-Pietra pointe shoe collection. Out of this partnership came 4 pointe shoe models; the  Empriente, Prelude, Pulsion, and Premiere.

Pietragalla-Merlet Pointe Shoe

You can see the Merlet-Pietra models by visiting the Merlet U.S.A. website.

2 responses to “Merlet-Pietra Pointe Shoes

  1. They’ve got the Dedicace/Performance and Kaliste as well!
    I love your blog to death!!!

  2. Thank you, Surya . Glad you could stop by 🙂

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