Russian Pointe

Russian Pointe Dolce

The Russian Pointe Dolce model has the design features of a classically made Russian style pointe shoe. One of the unique characteristics of traditional Russian pointe shoe design is leaving the drawstring out of the shoe.

A dancer must rely on impeccable fit with a pointe shoe that has no drawstring inserted to adjust fit. This explains why the Russian Pointe company has such a  detailed five-step fitting process.

Russian Pointe Dulce

The Dolce model has the widest platform of all the models in the Classics Collection. The shoe is designed to fit dancers who are wide in the ball of the foot, or metatarsal area. The Dolce then tapers towards the heel area for a snug fit.

The shape of the Dolce makes it an ideal pointe shoe for someone whose feet resemble a triangle; narrower at the heel, then fanning out towards the ball of the foot.

The boxes have a slight taper and are considered a medium profile shoe. The Dolce model is not pre-arched. Russian style pointe shoes, like the Dolce,  can be somewhat noisy due to the hardness of the platform which accommodates the Russian technique of springing up onto pointe. The positive aspect of a harder toe platform is a longer lasting shoe.

For dancers who prefer the roll-through technique, the Dolce can be ordered with flexible shanks. These shanks have cut-outs on the side which remove the majority of the stiffness and permit easier demi-pointe.

Pointe shoes that are wider in the metatarsal area are extremely comfortable for dancers who “feel the pinch” in other shoes. The Dolce model is an aesthetically pleasing pointe shoe and comes in so many different shank, width, and vamp variations that any dancer with a triangular shaped foot should be able to get a perfect fit.

One response to “Russian Pointe

  1. I think the Russian Pointe is beautiful – if I was still dancing I might use these.

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