Chacott Veronese II

Comfort And Beauty

The Chacott Veronese II model is one of the lightest weight pointe shoes on the market today. Lightweight pointe shoes are preferred by dancers who make comfort and ease of break in a number one priority.

The design of the Veronese II wingless toe box makes this an ideal pointe shoe for dancers with painful bunions. To compensate for the wingless box, Chacott designed the vamp of the Veronese II to fit snugly over the toes the way that many lower profile pointe shoes fit. This snug fit gives additional support to the foot while on pointe.

The vamp on the Veronese II is shorter and well suited for short toes that taper. The vamp also has a modified v-shape that allows for ease of roll through.

Shanks are available in two strengths; medium or hard. The boxes are also considered lightweight.

Numerous reviews on the Veronese II have been very positive. The  most popular description of this model is “soft and comfortable”. Although the lightweight qualities of the Veronese II give it a very short lifespan, many dancers return to the Veronese II after trying harder brands.

This model also works well as a performance shoe. The best quality of the Veronese II is how beautiful it looks on the dancers feet. Beauty and comfort are always a winning combination!

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4 responses to “Chacott Veronese II

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  2. I just got these pointe shoes today. I’m worried that they may die too quickly and that the vamp may not be long enough for my toes. I haven’t had a chance to dance on them yet. But they are a very comfortable shoe, and I like the amount a flexibility they have.


    Yes,that is the worst part of having a lightweight shoe. They tend to be so comfortable and yet they have to be replaced much faster. I hope the vamps work for you. Do you have very strong feet?

  4. balletgoddessbabe

    chacotts are an overall good shoe, however they break in very quickly thus leading to them dying quickly.

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