Leather Pointe Shoes

Whenever someone mentions the words “pointe shoe”, my mind instantly pictures something in a pale, pink satin. I don’t conjure up images of rough, sturdy material as a covering for something as feminine as the pointe shoe.

Silver Leather Pointes by Capezio

I realize dancers have many different roles to dance and each role has its unique requirements in the footwear department. Like sushi, specialty pointe shoes are an acquired taste.

Capezio makes custom ordered leather pointe shoes for customers who don’t mind waiting 6-8 weeks. I am willing to wait much, much longer. Of course, I don’t mean to sound overly critical about this sturdy material; it’s just that I am partial to the sleek, smooth look of satin.

I have a few questions about these shoes. What type of performance would require a dancer to wear silver leather pointe shoes? Perhaps these would have been used for dancing the role of the Tin man in The Wizard Of Oz. Who knows?

Capezio Pointes in Red Leather

5 responses to “Leather Pointe Shoes

  1. Capezio made leather pointe shoes as a standard product into the 1960’s. I have a pair from the 1940’s…….

  2. Bleyer made leather pointe shoes.

    • as did Selva, i believe. I also have a pair of black leather Capezios from the 1940’s-or ’50’s.. and I remember the ads in Dance Magazine in the 1960’s as well……

  3. They were used primarily by students– they didn’t wear out quickly. Later were replaced by the suede tip Duro-Toe Capezio and other brands—-I have modern Porselli pointe shoes with suede boxes.

  4. Ben & Sally also made leather pointe shoes until they went out of business around 1975 or so.

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