Aloart Pointe Shoes

Introducing A New Italian Pointe Shoe Brand

The Aloart Company is a new, up and coming dancewear supplier based in Fermo, Italy, which is located on the east coast of the country. The company is a family based operation that began production in 2008.

The Aloart pointe shoe collection is made using the highest standards of quality during the shoe making process. The Company is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of the dancers that they supply.

Each one of the Aloart pointe shoe models has been created to address the specific needs of the dancers themselves.

I must give the Aloart Company credit; the pointe shoes are beautifully designed.

The Aloart collection now offers four different pointe shoe models:


The  Lola model was designed for dancers who have strong feet and high arches. The vamp and box are designed to provide the strong foot with the support it needs on pointe. The soles on the Lola are split-sole. The Lola is ideal for dancers who need a longer lasting shoe . This pointe shoe is for professionals.





The Alina  model is suitable for professionals. They come with a medium strength shank and are available in either split-sole or full sole.


XWB 1001

This model is suitable for beginners to professionals. The have flexible 3/4 shanks and come in canvas.

Aloart Canvas Pointe Shoe

XWB 1001

XWB 1001/R

This pointe shoe has the same characteristics as the XWB 1001, but comes in satin. Both XWB models are suitable for beginners to advanced dancers.

Aloart XWB Satin pointe shoes

XWB 1001 Satin

Here is a shining example of that old saying; the best shoes in the world come from Italy!  To find out more about the beautiful Aloart pointe shoes please visit  their website at

Update 5/28/17: The domain is no longer in service.

4 responses to “Aloart Pointe Shoes

  1. These shoes look very promising!!! A lot of good technology I think. Like the flexible looking sole

  2. Janice Barringer

    How do I contact the Aloart Company? I am updating my book on pointe shoes and pointe training (The Pointe Book) and would like to include their shoes.


    You can contact the company owner, Joe Artid at

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