Repetto Pointe Shoes

Vintage Repetto Circa 1947

What a beautiful pair of pointe shoes these are! Someone must have taken very good care of them because they are in excellent condition.

Seeing antique and vintage pointe shoes inspires me even more to grow my pointe shoe collection.

When these Repettos were discontinued, most likely they flooded the market at a lower price. How lucky for those who were smart enough to buy a pair and hold onto them all these years.

These Repetto pointe shoes are now 63 years old. Just like fine wine, a pointe shoe like this just gets better with age…….

One response to “Repetto Pointe Shoes

  1. I have a pair of petite black leather pointe shoes I think may have been made for Pavlova not sure the maker is GOLDIE benckmark does anyone know her size?

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