Freed Classics

Freed Classic Pointe ShoeWhy Are Freed Classics So Popular?

I’ve often wondered about the popularity of Freed brand pointe shoes, in particular, the Freed Classic.  I decided to visit the Freed website and spend some time just reading through it.

All of the Freed models, including the Classic, are made by hand.  The paste they use is designed to mold to the shape of the foot after breaking in.

The Classic comes in 4 different widths; medium(M), wide(X), extra wide(XX), or extra, extra wide(XXX). You can choose a short or long vamp. This option alone makes Freed a standout in the pointe shoe manufacturing business. Having different vamp length choices on the same model is not something that all pointe shoe companies offer.

After clicking on several links, I came to the cobblers list. Here was something very, very interesting! Freed employs 20 different pointe shoe makers, or cobblers. Each particular cobbler has his own style and technique for the way his shoe is made.

The cobblers were listed according to the type of pointe shoe they produce. Every cobbler has an identifying mark which he stamps onto the sole of his finished shoe. This is called the makers stamp.

Going down the list, I saw that if I wanted a pointe shoe with a strong box in a square shape I needed a shoe made from cobbler B or Q. If I prefer a tapered, lightweight box I would choose cobbler Y.

Technically, if I was wearing my square shaped, low vamp pointe shoes, and you were wearing your tapered, deep vamp pointe shoes, we would both be wearing Freed Classics!

This, I believe, is the reason behind the popularity of the Freed brand pointe shoe. Customization.

You can read about Freeds top 10 fitting points by going here. Click on number 2 to see the cobblers list.


2 responses to “Freed Classics

  1. I’ve been wanting to tell you this forever – I love this blog… Absolutely fantastic, informative, and I always learn something here.

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful work…

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