Amber Pointe Shoes

The Amber Dancewear Company is based in Germany and has been in business since 1995. Currently, the Amber company has four different pointe shoe models available; the Classical Standard, Classical Training, Performance, and  Demi-Pointe.

The Classical Standard is created with 5 layers of canvas padding and moldable paste for comfort and durability. This model is available in a hard shank. The toe box shape on the Classical Standard model is described as rounded and suitable for those who have more of a square shape to their toes.

Amber’s beginner pointe shoe, the Classical Training, has a more flexible, medium strength shank for easier roll through. This model has leather toe caps for safety and long wear. Other than the shank, the Classical Training model has the same shape and characteristics as the Classical Standard.

The Performance model is a split-sole pointe shoe that is designed to be a foot-to-stage pointe shoe with no break in necessary. The fit is sleeker on the foot than the other models.

The Amber Demi-Pointe is a lighter, softer pointe shoe made with only 3 layers of canvas padding. This is a pre-pointe shoe. The Demi-Pointe model also has the same shape as the Classical Standard.

This company gives you six different choices of shank shape and strength. The Amber Company is one of the few pointe shoe manufacturers that offer pointe shoe models in leather. The leather models come in black, white, and nude.

Canvas pointe shoes are also available in black, white, nude, and pink. Currently the satin pointe shoes are only available in pink.

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* Update 7/5/2020- The company website address that was posted on the sidebar no longer works. The only model that I could find online at various German dancewear stores is the Classical Standard.

One response to “Amber Pointe Shoes

  1. i noticed that last year but found the standard in differant colors still, but no canvas or leather as an option. and bleyer no longer seems to eaither, as far as ballet shoes of any sort go, they still make other dance shoes though but no pointe or regular ballet shoes beside turning shoes called toe caps used in rythmic gymnastics

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