Cecilia Kerche

Grande Pas

The Grande Pas pointe shoe is one of several pointe shoe models that Cecilia Kerche designed according to the shape and configuration of the dancers toes.

This model was made for those who have a long first toe with the rest of the toes tapering.

The outside of the box is different from the inside of the box. The outer, broad shaped box disguises the inner box shape which is tapered.

The shanks are called “memory shanks” which are created to hold their shape.I like the fact that these pointe shoes come pre-arched.

The shoes are made with Brazilian paste. This paste contains an ingredient that makes it resistant to moisture. There are pros and cons to wearing pointe shoes with this kind of paste.

Paste that keeps out moisture works well to prolong the life of the shoe. The downside is the difficulty in breaking them in.

These pointe shoes sound wonderful for someone with strong feet who needs a long lasting shoe.

2 responses to “Cecilia Kerche

  1. I have looking for Cecilia Kerche ballet slippers and stumbled across your website! Is there a way to order anything from the Cecilia Kerche website? Google Chrome will translate it to English for me (marginally…) but links are not translated so I can’t figure out how to order anything!

  2. Hello Katy,
    After visiting the Cecilia Kerche website myself, I see that the web designer left out one very important thing; ordering forms! You can click on the images of a particular shoe which only leads back to another image.

    If you know which exact model you want, you may have better luck entering that into Google search. I found many individual sellers of CK ballet slippers on eBay.

    Because Cecilia Kerche is Brazilian and speaks Portugese, I am guessing that her customer service reps speak Portugese as well. If you are willing to use Google Translate, you can send an inquiry through their contact email or try contacting Ms. Kerche through a private message on her Facebook page.

    There are a few dancewear suppliers that offer the mixed-breed SoDanca CK slippers, but they are not her new line. There is a challenge with any language barrier, but if you want a real pair of CK slippers, sending an email to them in both English and Portugese should get you a response.

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